South West Advanced
Neurological Rehabilitation L.L.C.
A Rehab Without Walls Clinic

Our Story

Dr. Kay Wing, who as a child had the painful experience of watching her beloved Grandfather lose normal function following a stroke, had a dream for a better quality of life for stroke survivors. She wanted to be able to serve the needs of those with neurological disorders. After many years of practice as a physical therapist in rehabilitation and earning her specialist certifications in neurology and geriatrics, Dr. Wing had a wealth of clinical expertise. As manager of several rehabilitation facilities, she had management experience. Using these skills, she founded Southwest Advanced Neurological Rehabilitation in 2003. It soon became known simply as SWAN Rehab. It has now expanded to serve those with other problems as well as neurological conditions and stroke.

Therapy at SWAN is based on the philosophy that motor function can continue to improve regardless of the age of the individual or how many years have passed since the stroke or injury.

What Sets Us Apart

  • Each treatment session at SWAN Rehab is one-on-one with a licensed therapist, not a technician.
  • SWAN Rehab provides therapy that is intense, and tailored to the individual in a supportive enriched environment.
  • SWAN Rehab employs many of the latest technologies and clinical techniques for neurological rehabilitation.
  • SWAN Rehab discharges each patient with a personalized written home program to maintain progress made in therapy and to continue improvement in function.
  • We offer a community exercise program, called HOPE exercise for discharged and underinsured patients.
  • SWAN is one of the 4 exclusive programs in Arizona that provides Comprehensive Neurological Vocational Rehab for the Department of Economic Security.

Our Credentials

  • SWAN Rehab is staffed by physical, occupational, and speech therapists as well as neuropsychologists, social workers, and vocational specialists trained in neurological rehabilitation.
  • SWAN Rehab works with Northern Arizona University and AT Still University, and Arizona State University for clinical research
  • Dr. Kay Wing is an invited guest lecturer for online education and for courses nationally and internationally.

SWAN Rehab is Now Part of Rehab Without Walls

Rehab Without Walls (RWW) helps brain injury, spinal cord injury and stroke patients by blending scientifically backed rehab protocols with the patient’s real-life activities to deliver better results during the recovery journey and into the future.

Services we provide through RWW include:

Visit our Rehab Without Walls page for more information.